Thursday, September 4, 2008


It was cool out this morning, and there is a 10-hour bus ride mocking me at 3:00 pm. At least football is breaking the trip left this morning at 7 am to get to Moscow, and they are actually stopping in Missoula to practice. Football is staying the night in Missoula.

Anyways, the NFL starts up tonight, but I'll miss most of it. Thankfully, for the first Sunday of the season, I'll actually get to watch my Miami Dolphins on TV in my house (no Sunday Ticket for me), so I'm kinda stoked. But maybe you aren't stoked about the NFL? Well, if you are like me without the NFL Sunday Ticket, and you are stuck with whatever game they show, just go check the NFL TV Distribution Map to see what is being shown where. I live for this map.

But do you want to REALLY get into a football mood? Really? I mean really? Then stop what you are doing and take yourself back to 1960, and listen to the Marching Band Fight Songs of the 13 NFL teams from before the merger. I'm seriously on Cloud 9 right now. An anvil falling on my head couldn't wipe away this the polka, you know you want to.

Also, just for grins and giggles to REALLY get you in the mood.

OK, ISU Linkage....
ISU was all over the Journal today. Dan Thompson has a pair of stories, one on Montana's task of stopping Cal Poly, and also a commentary on the in-state money games ISU is playing. Kelvin Ang also had a great article on two of ISU's freshmen that are roomies and teammates on the volleyball court.

There's no "I" in team, butt.....
Now, ISU is a Nike school, and our Nike unis are very, very spiffy (seriously, we are like the best dressed team in the league). Idaho is also now a Nike school, dropping Adidas, and they debuted there new uniforms last week, but there has been a big brouhaha over the placement of the Idaho Vandal logo ... yeah, I would probably complain too.

Speaking of Idaho, Robb Akey spoke with the media, and when your best positive about the last game is that plane didn't crash, let's just say that isn't great.

Get Your Own Foul Ball Day
School restarted yesterday in Broward County, Florida. Plus, it was 95 degrees. Plus, it was really humid. Plus, the Marlins have allen out of the race in the NL East. That, plus playing the Atlanta Braves equaled a game played in front of less than 600 fans. Relieve Joe Nelson's line was a classic. "We counted 584 in the bullpen, but the guys int he press box probably had a better view."

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