Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Miles High Indeed!

Courtesy of Brandon Cruz, former sports anchor at KIDK a few years back, comes this link, which he sent me on facebook. We all knew him as Miguel Antoine "Slim" Millien, but many folks now know him as "Bones" Millien with the Harlem Globetrotters.

Well, watch this link and the embedded video of Slim at Rucker Park in New York grabbing an alley-oop and dunking it reverse. The guy he dunks over? Terrell Owens...yes, that Terrell Owens. How sweet is's the video (the dunk occurs about 37 seconds in with some slo-mo and a quick sound bite from Slim at the end.

and here is the article on yahoo...

and oh yeah...TMZ!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

(The previous post that was sitting here at the award winning Bengal Blog has been deleted by the author to comply with a request. Please enjoy the other portions of the post...they are fantastic and exciting...Frank)

Website Training Thursday/Site Progress Update
Katie and I will go through training on Thursday morning, which is going to be exciting because we have lots of questions to ask, but looking into Sidearm's back end system, man it looks impressive. we should be able to do plenty, including being able to have in progress scores now, which I didn't realize.

Currently we are in the design phase of the program, meaning we have sent in all the information and specs on things we want, and they are doing the basic layout and design is some of the things we are doing.

*Basic design is black
*Horizontal Drop Down Menu with the following
---Men's Sports
---Women's Sports
---Fan Center
---Athletic Department
---Donor Info
*Front Page banner is animated
*Sport pages are specific to sport
*Four Rotating stories on the front, three smaller, and three headlines
*RSS Feed
*Facebook Integration (this is totally cool)
*Twitter Integration (also cool)
*Text message updates (insanely cool)
*Homepage video player
*Splash pages
*Calendar of upcoming events
*Photo Purchase
*YouTube Channel
*Online Store
*Online Donation Form
*Online Recruiting Form
*Ask the AD

And the one I just found about at CoSIDA, but I believe we will be able to have an iPhone application made for the site for those iPhone users (and to anyone who hasn't seen the iPhone4 vs HTC Evo video on youtube, it's hilarious...the language is pretty bad so you are forewarned, and I won't link to it because of that, but oh my is it funny).

Anyways, we are all really excited about the site here, and looking forward to getting to start working on it for real, instead of training.

We are Viral...Wanna Help?
So one of the thing at CoSIDA I saw was the tremendous push towards video stuff, meaning Katie and I have got to get our flips out more. That being said, we brainstormed an idea. The basis for these viral videos is the NFL Fantasy Files clips, which are awesome, but mostly done with trick cameras. We don't have that technology, so we have to get our student-athletes to really do these crazy cool things. With that being said, our first one is now done, (starring Russel Hill). Please grab it, post it on myspace and facebook and pass it around. More are coming...