Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting Closer to the Real Thing

Some quick hitters for the fans...the scrimmage on Saturday will actually be held indoors in Holt Arena. The team needs to have the play clock running, and the Big Sky wants all play clock operators to practice the new clock procedures ... volleyball has an alumni scrimmage on the 23rd as well ... six days to soccer opens the exhibition the links.

More Idaho love in the press

We here at Idaho State know that we are the best school in the state in regards to recruiting in-state talent when it comes to football, as ISU has 25 Gem staters on the roster. Well, Ryan Collingwood has again profiled another one of ISU's great instate recruiting wins in Mackay's Kelvin Krosch, who has gone from an 8-man quarterback to a wide receiver for the Bengals.

A Highs and Lows of the Media
I'm feeling safe in saying that the Idaho Vandals will not be looking past the Bengals. I mean the 2006 game was 27-24 Vandals. However, the same can't be said for the media up in Moscow. However, the fans of the Bengals have spoken through Kellis Robinett.

How' Bout Them Catagories
Bob Otto played for the Bengals in the 1980s, and then briefly for the Dallas Cowboys soon after. Now, you can vote for the former Bengal as the greatest Cowboy to ever wear the #76. He's sitting third right now.

Patriot Games
Matt Gutierrez, in a battle for the #2 quarterback job behind Tom Brady (the maytag repairman of the NFL) has been sitting out with a bruise according to Bill Belichick. His main competition is Matt Cassel, who had a 0.0 rating on Thursday. Of course, if you want the lowdown on what's going on with the Patriots, the best place to get that Canada.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not all thumbs...

Polls are funny things huh? While I can certainly understand the volleyball poll (although I can't see us finishing eighth...) do soccer coaches in the Big Sky really think we are the sixth-best team in the league? Really? Sixth? Now, remember too that the poll was voted on before the news came out that Maren Eves-Williams has been lost for a while with a broken hand. When you think about it, ISU had the league's best defense, and they haven't lost a home game since 2006. I can't imagine them finishing out of the conference tournament, but if they do, I'll freely admit it later.

Now, just about six weeks ago, Maren received her fifth-year of eligibility back from the NCAA, so credit has to be given to Allison Gibson, who, despite trying to get that year back, went out and brought in two solid freshmen keepers, along with returning sophomore Kat Ford. So, while it hurts to lose Eves-Williams, she will be back, and it will allow ISU to see exactly what they have in the keeper department. I chalk this up to great recruiting by Gibson.

Schedule Teasers
Kelvin Ang discusses a little bit of the women's basketball schedule, but it hasn't been released because it isn't official (case in point, Kelvin's states the regular season opener will be December 2, but that game is moving), so take it for what it's worth, but it does give a good insight as to what some portions of the schedule will look like.

Remember Chris Corp?
Remember him? Star receiver on the 1981 national championship team. Chris eventually married Mary Gorman, who was a setter on the volleyball team. Together, they had a son named Aaron, who is battling for the starting quarterback slot at USC. And when I say USC, I mean Southern California, and I mean that in the strictest legal sense.

More Kelvin stuff...
Kelvin has been busy, as he covered the first day of ISU volleyball practice. Sadly, you can't see the shirt Chad Teichert wore, but it was pretty cool. I talked with a couple of the players heading into the week and they all have been pretty excited for the season to start, and they have enjoyed working with Chad, who is one of those very positive guys, which is perfect for them. One note, Charlie Kinghorn technically hasn't left the team, but she is taking the year off as a redshirt.

Some Local Flavor
Despite being the new play-by-play man for ISU women's basketball, Mark Liptak still covers ISU football for the Twin Falls Times-News, and he filed this report on the behemoth that is Braeden Clayson. Braeden is one of 25 Idaho athletes on the roster, and Ryan Collingwood of the Blackfoot Morning News checks in with an ABSOLUTE MUST READ on his blog about the Idaho athletes the Bengals have brought in. Liptak should have a similar article soon as well in the Twin Falls paper.

Monday, August 11, 2008

What an Opening!

Lots of stuff this week, but a couple of thoughts on the Olympics, and the scrimmage...first the Olympics.

Olympic thought #1: The opening ceremonies were as my daughter says "off the hook". Truly a thing of wonder, but I'm not happy that Bob Costas who is so quick with his quips and stuff missed the best one of all. When the Chinese gymnast was hauled to the roof and then titled to simulate running around the top of the stadium before lighting the torch, the guy's name was Li Ning. LI NING.....LEANING....he was tilted and his name was LI NING. That's too perfect.

Olympic thought #2: Tim Flagstad's blog is correct that it sucks that our time zone still doesn't get stuff live, so I have to avoid ESPN and the ticker and things like that, but I did, which made the swimming relay that much better and more exciting. What's funny is this is when folks come out and start thinking that maybe swimming and track will work on television, and while swimming and track meets are wonderfully exciting and feature world class athletes, it's that Olympic Medal at the end of the rainbow that really gets it going. This is why I could sort of care less about Olympic tennis. I'd rather watch Federer and Nadal at Wimbledon or the French Open....not the Olympics.

Olympic thought #3: If you want high comedy, invite my daughters over for the next Olympics gymnastics will be entertained.

Scrimmage Stuff
Dan Thompson was at the scrimmage and thought it was the best he's seen in three years. He also has a general overview in the print edition, and Tim Flagstad makes a very good point about ISU's receiving corps. There is also some more football stuff with video here from Channel 6, and here from Channel 8. Make sure you click the Fast Chat with Russel Hill....all I'm gonna say is my dream car is the Batmobile...isn't it for everyone? To change it up, here's a soccer story from Channel 3, and they also have a report on the new Holt Arena fees.

Opponent Stuff
Not sure if he can quarterback or not just yet, but the Idaho Statesman reports that BSU QB Bush Hamdan can put on a heck of a softball game. Also, Chadd Cripe has camp reports from last week here and here. Up at Idaho, they are apparently having some receiver issues, and here from the Idaho Press Tribune is everything you ever wanted to know about Ian Johnson's injuries. I can't believe they left off the hangnail he suffered some in week seven of his freshman year.

The Favorites are Up and Running
Montana is the last Big Sky team to get going, and the Missoulian has the information.

Bengals in the NFL
Dan Thompson caught up with five of ISU's six NFL players for a fascinating look at life in the NFL. The story got more poignant when Johnson was cut yesterday.