Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Send a Wire to the Main Office, and Tell Them I Said ... OOOWWWWWW!!!!!

As someone who works in statistics all the time, it's only slightly annoying when my own hockey statistics are wrong, and since I have a big game tonight at 9:30 pm (be there or be square), and since there is no ISU event tonight, I'm just saying....8-2-1 record, 4.21 goals against, 82.7 save percentage, and three assists. Just's all skillz.

Seriously though, has there ever been an ISU season like this? By the time September 18 gets here, the sports season is over three weeks old, and only soccer and cross county have had home games/meets? Really? Thankfully men's basketball has 23 home games. Well, 16, but it'll seem like more.

Linkage S'il Vous PlaƮt... (sorry, I've been listening to Air Musique on XM 100....French Top 40...lots of good music coming from France these days ... Les Respectables and Pamela are the currect biggies)

He's Back.......
Matt Gutierrez' time to collect unemployment was awfully short. The serious knee injury to Tom Brady left the Patriots with just Matt Cassel and rookie Kevin O'Connell, so Matt was resigned by Dr. Belichick yesterday, and could be the backup this Sunday against the New York, Jets.

He's Back, Part II
Kellis Robinett's long strange journey to the ends of the earth are over, and as such, his blog is finally updated. And while Kellis might be worried about ISU playing Hawaii in basketball, how many dstractions are there in Honolulu at 11:00 pm? Don't answer that. Either way, it's OK, because the WAC representative Jason Erickson, formerly of ISU, will be there as well. Jason is moving up in the world by the way, and while we are in Hawaii, don't think we aren't looking for this guy, and visiting these places. And yes, I know exactly how long until "Because You Left" begins....

Black (Orange) and Blue
Bailey Williams has seen most of the action in goal for ISU, especially with the other freshman keeper Michelle Harrison a bit under the weather. Now, some folks that peruse this blog know I'm a former collegiate soccer goalkeeper, so I have a soft spot for our keepers on the women's team. Now, the fact that Bailey got kicked in the face doesn't make me a bigger fan of hers, and getting four stitches and playing the next game two days later is great, but that doesn't necessarily make me a bigger fan either. But, thinking that the blood is streaming down her face, is "pretty sweet"? Just call me a Bailey Williams fan for life

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