Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quick Thoughts

Couple of quick things from last Saturday's football game after digesting things....

#1. It was not pass interference. It didn't cost ISU the game, but after seeing it from three different cameras, it wasn't pass interference, and honestly, it's not even close...Jaron Taylor never touched the guy. He just tripped. Bad break for ISU on that one.

#2. Neal Larson, our P.A. announcer, just felt horrible about getting Eddie's name mixed up with Sale' on the record breaking catch. I had just announced that Eddie passed Sale' in the press box, and I think Neal still had the name Sale' in his head when he announced it, but I'll take the blame anyways, as I should have really had something written out for him, as I usually do. I had it for the North Dakota game, and I just didn't do it for this one, so I can take the heat there.

#3. We are as banged up as I've ever seen us, and it's almost freakish at this point. But at least we aren't beat up to the point that Washington State is apparently beat up.

#4. The coaching staff is doing things the right way...Zamberlin and company opted not for the quick fix, but to build the program. I think you will see dividends here and there, but the growing pains are tough. I'm not sure what's worse...how our season has gone, or how Northern Colorado's, who have almost invented new ways to lose games lately. In the last three week, UNC fumbled at the goal line in the final seconds of a 38-35 loss, fumbled a two-point conversion (they tried the Arkansas swinging gate play, seen here about 1:20 into the video). Last week, the allowed UC Davis to throw a 38-yard Hail Mary with no time left.

If you are headed to Greeley, you might want to bring an umbrella, just in case.

Couple of quick links, but Dan Thompson, who played fine poker all night long, has a blog take on the game, along with quick links to the rest of the Big Sky games. Of course, it's always fun to see silly comments, and calling the A.D. "Jeff Dingey" is just so simple when hiding behind an anonymous email post. I hope that guy feels a little bigger today for giving grief to an interim A.D. Brilliant.

The Missoulian also ran their weekend recap as well. Also, Jon Kasper has his usual round-up as well.

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Troy Coverdale said...

Frank - My source (okay, my color analyst's dad, who works for Denver's 7) says bundle up, too! He's calling for 49 Saturday.