Thursday, January 15, 2009

Game Day!!!!

Ahhhhh....nothing gets me more excited than a home game. And then a home game against Montana. Even better. What a series these two teams have put on over the last two years...let me count the ways. Six meetings, including conference tournament quarterfinal appearances, one in each others' home court. Three overtime games, two in Holt Arena, including the controversial ending last year when Jordan Hasquet called a timeout, and the officials decided to ignore it, and the instant replay that was available. Three wins for Montana, three wins for Idaho State, and of the three non-OT games, two were by two points.

Should be a good game, no? Montana has won three straight, and ISU has lost three straight, and neither of those stats matter. See you all at 7:05 pm ... actually ... let's get there a little early tonight.

And now onto the links.

Men's Action
Kellis Robinett talked with Kal Bay about his broken hand, and filed this preview. Bob Meseroll of the Missoulian apparently has learned that Montana is in the right frame of mind at least, because they got on the bus to come down here. Scott Mansch of the Great Falls Tribune also feels it will be another wild game, and he also previews the Montana State-Weber State game tonight as well.

Women's Action
The ladies are on the road, heading to the biggest quicksand pit they ever play in, Dahlberg Arena. ISU has only won once there. Once......yikes. Kelvin Ang welcomes back a familiar face, although she won't play this year, while Bill Speltz at the Missoulian reports that UM coach Robin Selvig is impressed with the Bengals so far.

When Does 10% Equal %12?
Apparently when it comes to our Governor and the state appropriated funds, and the need for reserves, 10% equals 12%. Of course, while that isn't the greatest news ever, but hey, ISU has a new Provost...Dr. Gary Olson.

Holt's Legacy Continues
How about the new sign? Dubby's generosity knew, and knows, no bounds...

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