Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Start of a BIG WEEK

Nothing like three games with Weber State in three days (men Thursday, and then men and women on Saturday) to help get over the men's loss to Sacramento State.


By the way, most folks don't know this, but there were some...shenanigans going on in Sacramento on Saturday. None of this is an excuse, but they made Idaho State have a 10 am shoot around for a 7:00 pm game, meaning it was an early start. The reason was they had three alumni games, one at noon, one at 1, and one at 2. Well geez kids....have those a little later maybe? Then, our team has a routine they go through, starting with early shooting, some post drills, and whatnot. Well, our team was locked in the locker room until 6:05 pm, because Sacramento State had their closed walk through from 5:05 pm to 6:05 pm ... and probably the last 20 minutes of that the Hornets were doing nothing but jump shots.

Did it matter? Probably not, but ISU's normal routine was disrupted a little, without a lot of time to prepare for that. Anyone get the feeling that we the Hornets come to Pocatello ISU might have a "closed shootaround" from 5:30 to 6:30 pm? Conference rules say the court has to be available only 30 minutes prior to a game, and that probably needs changed. Just a little gamesmanship there that I thought was interesting.

Of course, the basketball starts tomorrow ... but today is Wednesday, which is always a conflict for me this time of year. I have to record the greatest television show of all-time LOST for my hockey game, which is'll be a nice way to wind down. Seriously LOST was insane last week.....Mrs. Hawking? Hurley giving himself up? and who are the people Ben knew in the butcher shop? Mind-boggling.....

To get this back to basketball a's something I was discussing with Kellis and Coach O'Brien separately, and they both agreed with me to a point. I saw if the season ended today, Amorrow Morgan might be the league MVP. Think about it....Portland State spreads stuff out too much to get one guy that award, although Phil Nelson would be the guy. For Weber State, only Kellen McCoy is averaging in double-figures, and he's at 13.6 points per he really an MVP candidate? Doesn't it come down to Morgan and Anthony Johnson of Montana? If Montana finishes higher than ISU, I'd personally go Johnson, and if ISU finishes higher, isn't it Morgan? That MVP race should be interesting, but we are a long ways away from that.

Different Ways To Shoot
Not ISU related, but a cool article on Montana State's Nubia Garcia was in the NCAA's Champions Magazine.

I Suppose This is Good...
Apparently, ISU is one of the top five schools in nuclear engineering, according to Dr. Vailas who is at the State Board meetings...

We Know All About It....
Interesting to see another softball program in Idaho, as the Statesman is working on a report regarding the start of the Boise State program, who ISU will be playing in March.

Great article here about former Bengal football coach Leo McKillop....a fascinating read....

It wasn't long after I had this Q&A with Pago Togafau, he of the Super Bowl Bound Arizona Cardinals, that Kelvin Ang caught up with him as well. Speaking of football, Tim Flagstad wants to give credit where credit is Jeff Tingey.

Former ISU graduate and a major play in the state of Idaho, and Idaho's history, Harry Magnuson passed away.

Need a High Paying Job?
It would help if you were an attorney, but still....

Incredible Finish....
You gotta see this finish....unfortunately, I can't link to it since it's a high school game, but go to Youtube and type in "Middleton 3 Miracles Floor Level" to see a a three to send a game to overtime, a three to give a team a three-point lead with two seconds left, and then a 3.4 court shot to tie it again, and then a buzzer beater to end it...wild stuff.


Anonymous said...

There's always some fun when we play Weber State. I'm a little blank regarding the "white out." Aren't we Orange and Black?

Russ used to accept emails during games. Is that something Jerry and/or Brad might start? Of course, it might end up like the 2 NAU games on TV this past week. The announcer, Mitch, was reading emails during both games from ISU and Weber fans taking barbs at each other (immature, but it was a little funny)!

The (mostly in good fun) smack talk has started on both fan forums:

Go Bengals!

Frank Mercogliano said...

I had asked Jerry about that at one time but he didn't want to do that. We have the live chat going on during games (and now the Journal is in direct competition!! Damn you Flagstad....kidding...the more the merrier actually), so you can get some insight there.