Thursday, July 30, 2009

...and then there was light!

OK, video board training is NOT exciting...I repeat, not exciting, but we have at least learned about the graphic player cards (I gotta manual lighten the pictures and get rid of the drop shadowing), and we got the BigSkyTV feed on the video board, and it looked pretty sensational. Here's some more pics and video!

This is the new control room to house all the computer equipment that will run the board. It can do some neat things ... we can split the screen and stuff. Eventually, we can buy a component that will wire my stat computer to the board, which would be groovy.

This is the American flag icon, which we might or might not use, since we have the gigantor-flag that comes down. Still, it was cool.

Hard to see, but this is the test graphic card for the players (I used Amir). We manually lightened this up on the computer, so honestly, it looks like doggie-poo, but the ones we did afterwards were super-sweet. Trust me.

They were running this as the "blue test"...they also have it in red and green...the red is really red by the way. It was fun to watch this...'s about some video....again, my digital camera was purchased in 2000, so it doesn't record sound, but here is what the American flag graphic looks like.

And this is the fireworks display, which they like to use because it is mostly red, green, and blue, so it's a good pixel test, since they are all .... wait for it .... red, green, and blue.

This is the live feed...the were shooting me walking to the video board to shoot the board, but the pan around a little on the board. The quality is really solid (hard to tell a little bit with my cheapo camera), and it was cool. They will probably run the game live on the board while the game is being played.

OK....hope you enjoyed it! It was awesome to see it actually on and running and functioning and everything. Yeah Idaho Potato Commission!!!!!!


Competitve Edge said...

That is awesome!

Troy Coverdale said...

But how'd it perform when you modeled the Hawaiian shirt you wore on New Year's Day?

Anonymous said...

Awesome , well job done over here ........

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