Thursday, October 15, 2009

Past, Present and Future...

...First the many folks know, I am on facebook (my wife is baffled by the 747 friends, but I digress). I use that facebook tool to present ISU articles and things to different folks, and sometimes these things go viral. For instance I posted the softball poster last year...bam, it went everywhere. I also use facebook to post something kind of goofy every day or so (my links are seriously priceless sometimes...)

However, every now and then I hear from an old friend with some news...such was the case this morning where former KIDK sports anchor Nick Griffiths emailed me on facebook this morning. Nick is in the KC area, and sent over this piece he did on former Bengal Matt Gutierrez...check it out.

Now the's a huge week for ISU soccer...sitting at 1-1 in the conference, they host Northern Arizona today at 4:00 pm (you can listen to it here). Sadly, Davis Field's press box isn't wired, and the university folks that do that want an outrageous sum of money, so no video or live stats. Still, listen in, and folks can email during the broadcast (, or facebook me...I get all that stuff on my phone. Soccer also hosts Northern Colorado at noon on Saturday in a big game. Of course, if Weber State would actually play on Sunday's like everyone else, we could play on Sunday and unclog that busy Saturday, but I digress.

Of course both football and soccer have free youth clinics at 5:30 and soccer at 6:00 pm.

Also, my day got started today with the Idaho State Journal 10th Annual Business Awards, of which in a weird twist of fate, both Jeff Tingey and myself were finalists in the "Overachievers Under 40" category. While we both didn't win, it sounds cliche but it was truly an honor to be nominated. I sort of felt out of place there, I'm not gonna lie, but it pretty cool. I sat next to Stephanie Palagi of Old town Pocatello, who I've seen in pictures and in news reports, but I'd never seen her in person. So I'm sitting next to her and could never figure out who she was until she went up and presented an award, and I was like "duh....". I'm sure everyone has those moments...that was mine. Anyways, sorry I didn't recognize you Stephanie....

Now to what you guys wanted to read about...the future. Couple of things...yes, we are hosting a press conference today, and it's just for the media. Due to the soccer game I don't know when I can get it up on youtube, but I'll work on it. I might just get the audio out in a hurry to the media, and then figure that other stuff out later. The details of the press conference I can't really get into right now, but it does deal with football.

It has been interesting reading things in my inbox and in other places, and I'll mirror something Brad Bugger stated...I love the passion of ISU fans. They desperately want to win, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Anyways, that's at 3:00 pm, and the news will pop onto the webpage around 3:05 pm or so. Stay tuned for that. Come on out to any or all the events this week....should be something for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. That explains why soccer isn't shown on Big Sky TV. Not a big deal, but I was curious. Thanks for answering.

Bengal fans are just as passionate as anyone. We're just a little beat up! Thanks for providing alternate options for us to get our ISU fix. Some online venues seem like they are starting to be dominated by one or two people who have an obvious vendetta and bully/berate anybody who disagrees with them.

Thanks again for offering this!

Anonymous said...

Well my guess is the press conference is about one of two things. It's either to announce a contract extension or about the coach being fired. My gut tells me it probably isn't the second alternative. I don't think we would fire a coach two days before a game.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it media day yesterday for basketball? How come I don't see a story or feature on it anywhere???

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the Channel 8 story on the basketball media day:

--Brad B.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to channel 6's story:

Just a small correction, BTW, Paul, John Wooden was retired when ISU beat UCLA.

--Brad B.