Thursday, December 24, 2009

To Bengals Everywhere: Happy Holidays!

To Bengal fans around the world (isn't technology amazing?), I wish you a safe, blessed and happy holiday. I'm thankful for all the blessings I've enjoyed in my life, and being associated with Idaho State University athletics has truly been one of them. I've met so many great people through my affiliation with ISU down through the years, and ISU athletics has been the one shared experience that has brought us together. No, it's not always easy to be a Bengal fan, but when we do share success, like that double overtime win over Montana in football, the victory over Utah in men's basketball or the Doma-Lightfoot wins against the Griz, well the past pain all seems worthwhile. Most importantly, I've gotten to share the wins -- and loses -- with a lot of good folks throughout southeastern Idaho -- including the coaches, athletes and staff who all work so hard just to entertain us.

Merry Christmas, Bengals, and Happy New Year!

--Brad B.


Anonymous said...

Why did ISU drop the Idaho game which was supposed to be played in Qwest Arena in Boise?

Frank Mercogliano said...

The game was never was only talked about. Joe has stated that he doesn't like to go against his ex-assistants, and Idaho's assistant is Mike Score, one of his former guys, so that's one issue. The other two biggies were the need to finish out the contracts of BYU, Utah State and Utah while still getting in other money games, and lastly, Conference play opens on December 31, so playing on the 29th in Boise wasn't the best option.

Again, the game wasn't scheduled (although someone said it's on our website somewhere, and if it is, I can't find it...)


Anonymous said...

Understood. Thanks.