Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Get on Board!"

I'm sure you Bengal fans have been watching our fun video clips with student-athletes where they show off their talents to the extreme! First we had Russel Hill easily throw out a 45-yard pass through a whole about the size of a basketball hoop. Talk about accuracy! We also had Russ throw a 65-yard pass to a tight end sprinting down the Babe Caccia Field blindfolded, but the accuracy one was so amazing I had to go with that video.

Then we had Dave Harrington punt a ball into the men's scoreboard at the top of Holt Arena. He actually did that feat twice in a row because I wasn't quick enough to catch his face when he said "Get on Board" at the end. He gracefully accepted the task again and bombed it in the scoreboard. He was also the one who informed me that the video may have made your internet explorer page come up white for the last few weeks. I guess the code we use for it to play as soon as you clicked www.isubengals.com didn't sit well with Internet Explorer. For those of you who have missed the videos because of that issue or missed the previous videos because you were on vacation I will put up a site that will house all the videos we have done with the Bengals showing how they prepare for the season. We are going to try and make it a weekly thing throughout the year with all the sports, so keep checking back on Wednesday's to see our latest videos on the main page and the soon to be new link on the site that will show them all!

Next week's video will feature Brendon Garcia. I asked what he could do and he showed me two amazing executions that I frankly didn't know was something a kicker could do. You guys will definitely have to check these out. I haven't decided which one we will put up and I don't want to ruin the surprise, but a little hint can't hurt, right?! One video has to do with a lack of placeholder and the other with threading a needle.

The next sport we are going to start throwing in the mix is soccer. Highlighting senior Lauren Ryan, junior Alex Hansen and a newbie Liv Zabka to start. Geez those girls have got talent! It's truly amazing the quality of players we have at Idaho State, in every sport. They all have such unique gifts and are so fun to watch when they play the sport they love. Their is a passion and a fire for the game which is always fun to see. Shooting these videos is a nice way to share their abilities with the community that Bengal fans don't always get to see. I hope you guys are enjoying them!

--Assistant SID, Katie Zigars


Frank Mercogliano said...

Just a note but we had a coding issue on the last video that would not allow it to play in Internet Explorer, but we have that now fixed. Apparently there is an extra tag on the Youtube Embedding code that you have to take out for it to work on both, but we have gotten that straightened out.


Anonymous said...

This is much better than what appears to be somebody filming from a cell-phone.