Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Bird Man of Alcatraz

Well, it's finally official...the long national nightmare is now over....Jayson Bird is officially a Bengal...officially. This is great for him, and honestly, it was a slam dunk, but the NCAA sure did make Jayson and the coaches sweat it out. Care to see the official email we were waiting for? Here is the text of it...

"This message will confirm that the waiver request for Jayson Bird has been granted. Official notice of the approval will arrive at your institution via mail. Please contact me if you have additional questions.


Honestly, it was almost a letdown LOL. Anyways, I'm finishing the fall camp release which will be posted online in a little bit, but since Jayson is finally here and able to do stuff, I thought I'd link to Alyssa Chin's piece on Jayson for Local News 8.

Tom Scott of KTIK in Boise blogged about Jayson way back on July 16th.

That's all for now....more to come tomorrow and next week as camps start opening up around the league (woo-hoo!!!)

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