Friday, August 1, 2008

New additions

As you can see, we now have some links to other pertinent blogs on the right side over there ----> and they even tell you when they've been cool is that? Also, I put some links up for some of the various media outlets and such for Bengal Athletics. I'm such a sport on a Friday morning, huh? Three days until practice for football starts...

It is at this point that I feel like a fan for a little bit, anxious for official stuff to happen, and as the calendar turns to August, it's time to think of things like making media passes, and making sure the copier is not on the fritz, and making sure the stat computer will work this year, but I'm gonna be honest...I'm not a big fan of practice. I would much rather deal with games and game week and stuff like that. I can't tell you how many practices I've seen, but I prefer games...the atmosphere, the uniforms, all that stuff that makes college athletics great. So I'm looking forward to practice starting, but I'm really looking forward to August 20 (first official hosting Northwest Nazarene).

More Jayson Bird Links
The Idaho Statesman had a small little three graph blurb about Bird's transfer to Idaho State, but Dan Thompson at the Journal gave it a much more thorough working.

New Kicker
One of the things people are going to notice in camp is another kicker. Along with punter Jon Vanderweilen and kicker Mike Ramos, kicker Jarret Huk of Chabot College is in camp. He attended the Kohl's Specialty Camp and earned high marks, and he was Chabot's Male Athlete of the Year, and even played tennis there.

Maybe This Will Help
Idaho State has never beaten the University of Montana in Washington-Grizzly Stadium (a fact I unfortunately have to mention every time we go up there). Well, maybe getting rid of the old field and putting in a new one will help, but I can tell you I am not bidding on this or this or even this. This auction however, makes me smile, because it reminds me of getting the job here at ISU and learning I had about 18 days to do an entire guide from scratch.

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Anonymous said...

I like the new blog!!! It's great you FINALLY get to do this! I check it every other day or so for new updates and they are always entertaining and informative! See you this season!