Friday, August 29, 2008

Next Stop, Blue Turf

Load the busses at 10:30, on the road at 11:00 .... just my Friday mantra LOL. Couple of housekeeping notes before we head over to the lovely blue turf and that nice new press box:

Soccer and volleyball open today. Soccer is at Air Force, and there is no live stats or radio. The game with Colorado College does have a livestats link, and a live video link, although it is a pay service. The volleyball tournament (the MCM Elegente Lobo Classic...that's a mouthful) has a page with GameTracker and pay video.

Ryan Collingwood caught up with the man of the hour in some ways, Russel Hill, for a quick Q&A.

Todd Dvorak of the Associated Press also checks in with his game preview (the Zamberlin quotes came from audio clips I sent out on Tuesday....nice huh?) ... SIDE NOTE, sign up for the free Sporting News Today....very very cool.

By the way, if you are driving over the Boise for the game, or on any of the interstates near Pocatello...two words...SLOW DOWN.

Kevan over at One Bronco Nation Under God is wondering where our fan blogs are? Our fans all work at the INL and can't have blogs...still, I like Kevan...all schools should have passionate fans like him. Oh, they have a central links page for the game too.

Sometimes you are the hammer, like Weber State was last night against Montana-Western. Next week at Hawaii, they might very well play the role of nail.

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