Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting Closer to the Real Thing

Some quick hitters for the fans...the scrimmage on Saturday will actually be held indoors in Holt Arena. The team needs to have the play clock running, and the Big Sky wants all play clock operators to practice the new clock procedures ... volleyball has an alumni scrimmage on the 23rd as well ... six days to soccer opens the exhibition the links.

More Idaho love in the press

We here at Idaho State know that we are the best school in the state in regards to recruiting in-state talent when it comes to football, as ISU has 25 Gem staters on the roster. Well, Ryan Collingwood has again profiled another one of ISU's great instate recruiting wins in Mackay's Kelvin Krosch, who has gone from an 8-man quarterback to a wide receiver for the Bengals.

A Highs and Lows of the Media
I'm feeling safe in saying that the Idaho Vandals will not be looking past the Bengals. I mean the 2006 game was 27-24 Vandals. However, the same can't be said for the media up in Moscow. However, the fans of the Bengals have spoken through Kellis Robinett.

How' Bout Them Catagories
Bob Otto played for the Bengals in the 1980s, and then briefly for the Dallas Cowboys soon after. Now, you can vote for the former Bengal as the greatest Cowboy to ever wear the #76. He's sitting third right now.

Patriot Games
Matt Gutierrez, in a battle for the #2 quarterback job behind Tom Brady (the maytag repairman of the NFL) has been sitting out with a bruise according to Bill Belichick. His main competition is Matt Cassel, who had a 0.0 rating on Thursday. Of course, if you want the lowdown on what's going on with the Patriots, the best place to get that Canada.


Patrick said...
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Patrick said...

Maybe somebody could fill KIDK's Ted Dawson in on ISU recruiting Idaho talent. Apparently, the guy rants that ISU snubs its nose at local talent.

Collingwood's blog is becoming my first "must read" blog of the day. Oops! Sorry Frank! Make that my "second" blog I must read in the morning! Seriously, you guys to a great job! Between here, Collingwood's, Kellis & the ISJ, and the ISU fan board, Bengal fans can truly get their fix!

The first time I saw Kelvin play was in a state playoff game in Holt (Mackay vs. Carey). With very little time left in the game, and Mackay trailing, Kelvin was moved to WR. He was catching balls over EVERYBODY! It was too little, too late, but I have to believe Mackay would have won state that year had Kelvin's size been used to their advantage earlier.

Frank Mercogliano said...


Glad the blog is I said, it'll be more informative when we have games and stuff going on...I like coming here because I can see when other blogs are updated too! Thanks for the comments, and you aren't the first person to tell me Ted give us grief about Idaho kids, and you are right, it is very unfounded.