Monday, August 18, 2008

I Should Have Stuck to Wii Curling on Deca-Sports

You know, I gotta tell you, there's nothing like a thinking your 9s over 4s is good until your opponent turns over a set of 4s....oh well, nothing like a poker game to get in the mood for soccer on Wednesday. Oh, and yes, if you check the time stamp of this post, it is 11:11 pm....sigh. Anyways, remember that the soccer game is gonna start at a really, really goofy time of 11:00 am. The game will be on KISU, and you can get it on your computer as well, with yours truly bringing you the action. The real season starts on Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm against Utah State. It feels like they just ran the mile test yesterday. Anyways, let's catch up on some links....

A Suite Way to Catch the Season Opener
If you have some extra cash on you, you can watch the season opener next week in Boise from the last suite left open for the game. Better yet, watch the game on TV, and send the money over to the Idaho State Bengal will be glad you did. Seriously though, seats are running low.

So That's Why Eisenstein Left
See, if we had a Buffalo Wild Wings in Pocatello, Russ might still be here. Of course, there are certain other wing places I'd be fine with as link, but you can figure that one out, can't you?

People that are Easy to Root For
The on thing that Dan left out on his excellent story on Kenyon Blue....he is a walk-on...had a scholarship, and is currently paying his own way.

Scrimmage Stuff
KIFI has an online report of the second scrimmage, as did Tim Flagstad, who pinch hit for Dan Thompson (something about visiting his parents...what a good boy). KPVI also had a report as well. Speaking of scrimmages, ISU is starting Russel Hill at quarterback on the 30th. Boise State however isn't quite ready to announce theirs yet.

And Last Place According to Kellis Goes to.....
Kellis Robinett discusses the relationship between Idaho and Utah State, and the fact ISU has a former player from each team is interesting.

More on Matt
Matt Gutierrez did not play against Tampa on Friday, and while some would say it's because he didn't practice much in the week leading up to the game, but according to the Providence Journal, he might have the #2 job sewn up....just one heartbeat away...or one bad ankle is more like it.

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