Thursday, October 2, 2008

Portland State = Comic Books....of course it does

Are you guys Comic Book fans? I'm not....I mean I had the occasional Archie (seriously by the way, Betty over Veronica, right?), and my brother had a ton of Sgt. Rock and Our Army at War, but I was more about baseball cards and those cool nifty baseball stickers. Seriously, are these just awesome or what?

Anyways, Portland State University is apparently getting into the Comic Book business, which could make heading to their libraby quite interesting.

Dan Thompson of the Journal has a boatload of links, and he's pretty happy we have a dome for football. If you are wondering why, look here. Also, Tim Flagstad reported on Jen Munro leaving the soccer team this week, and they, much like the football team, have an injury list that is getting quite long.

Also, in case you missed it, the 2008 Hall of Fame Inductee release is here, and the photo gallery is included.

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