Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Credit Issues....

No, this won't be about the economy (although how long would that post be?). I would like that thank the government though, as I'll apparently be working at Idaho State for the next 45 years in order to retire, since you can't buy a house anymore or move, so I'm guessing I will see some more titles won LOL.

However, this is about credit. Credit as in thanks to the Journal for giving the players and the coaching staff some credit for this week. Boo however to Dave Coulson of the Sports Network. Dave's column contains this....

"Eastern Washington (3-2) struggled for three quarters against Idaho State before pulling away with a couple of fourth-quarter scores in a performance similar to its win against Western Washington the previous week." Yeah, that's it....Eastern STRUGGLED....it couldn't be that Idaho State isn't all that bad, could it? Nah....has to be that Eastern struggled. You know how folks always go on and say things like "they are the best 0-4 team in the country?" ... well, I think we actually fit that mold.

This week should be really interesting. Say this for last week's defense...they did make some plays. They gave some up, but for the first time this year, they made some...forced a fumble in the fourth quarter on a sure touchdown (and if you watch the replay, it kind of was actually a touchdown), and picked off a pass to set up a score. Also, the defensive backs knocked passes down, and generally made some pretty nice plays. That was a big, big positive.

Football love
Dan Thompson showed a little love to the defense in his postgame blog, although the comment #5 afterwards by "pokeyfan" might be the most ill-informed internet post I've seen in a while. Give someone access to a computer and an anonymous handle, and they can get pretty brave.

Yes Kellis, They Sure Do....
You know, Kellis put this really well. I haven't heard much of anything to this point about the last two men's basketball games being moved out of Holt Arena and into Reed Gym. Personally, I hate because my office is in Holt...if I forget a pencil, well, it's a pretty short walk. I also hate it for the fans because of the inconvenience, but here's hoping that this is what helps push Bengal Village into the forefront more, if that's even possible with Jay McMillin's promotion to Assistant A.D. for Major Gifts and working with the ISU Foundation to meet with prospective donors. O.K., it is possible, but hey, feet are moving.

But seriously, after the town said nope, we don't need Holt Arena (and I don't care how you interpreted the vote back when it happened, but that's what folks sort of said), I personally thought that kicking out the wrestling tournament would have basically proven the point. Instead, we are gonna have wrestling here (and my own personal loathing of the high school wrestling tournament will have to deal I guess), and basketball there, so the town will benefit at athletics' expense. Seriously, I hope the town sees the sacrifice.

If folks think I'm biased against wrestlers by the way, it has nothing more to do then the weigh-in area is always in front of my door, so I have to hear and see wrestlers in their jockstraps all day long fretting about losing a pound or two. Really, we should all be so lucky to have that at work.

Don't I Wish
This would really have been an upset, huh?

A Little Cross Country Love
What happens when you crash into a tripwire at Holt Arena? You get featured on the ISU website. Mitch Worthington's 10-minute chats with the athletes are quickly becoming must reads, and his interview with Ryan Davis of the cross country team is hilarious and brilliant...you have to read that if you do nothing else today.

Big Sky Thoughts From the Weekend
From soccer to volleyball to how the Players of the Week in football were picked, Jon Kasper of the Big Sky wrote it all down. Well, typed it anyways.

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