Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quick Men's Basketball Update

Just a quick note for the faithful that the media guide is at the printer (YEAH!!!!). I have the updated roster online, and I'll update everyone's bios tomorrow, but the numbers are now fixed, and everyone has a photo. I'll also try to get the pdf pages online as well, but it's meeting after meeting tomorrow for a while....they will get up by Saturday night, since I can't play PSP all day on Saturday, and I'll have gotten through a good portion of Tony Dungy's Quiet Strength as well (a must, must read).

Also, I'll have more stuff about the games on Monday and Friday, but with the construction going on at Reed Gym, plus a full night of classes, parking is going to be extremely limited (and thanks in advance to the Reed Gym folks for saving a couple of spaces for the media relations people to bring over all of their gears...not!). I'll see if there is any sort of shuttle option for parking at Holt and shuttling over, but folks should plan on the fact that parking is limited, so carpool, carpool, carpool. In good news, hey, there's no $1 parking fee!

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