Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One of My Favorite Days!!!!

Democracy reigns! Obama! McCain! Nader! (they were listed in alphabetical order folks....easy does it). Today is one of the days that I personally love....the presidential election. It's all about statistics...and just makes me giddy with American pride and all of that. Being a pop culture junkie, and then having a big screen TV to watch all the election stuff with...well, I'm in hog heaven.

I'm also in hog heaven because I can finally start blogging a little more after this week, as the October/November cross-over hit hard in my office like it always does. However, most folks should have seen that the men's basketball bios were updated online (and thanks to those that sent me a note that I left off Michael Lacey...oops), and that the media guide is also online.

Speaking of basketball....that game was $5 last night, so with the ISU sports season having not been the winningest of falls, I would have thought we'd have a packed house for that game, but sadly, I was wrong. The guys play again Friday in a wicked triple-header at Reed Gym...

3:00 pm - Volleyball hosts Sacramento State
5:45 pm - Women's Basketball hosts Concordia (CA)
7:45 pm - Men's Basketball hosts Rocky Mountain

Just so folks know, the volleyball game is separate from the basketball, so once volleyball ends, we will clear the gym, and then the cost of a ticket for the basketball games is $5, with that price good for both games (unreal value in these economic times, no?).

So the guys won their exhibition opener 73-55 over Montana Tech, and personally, they looked pretty good for an opening effort minus three guys (Austin Kilpatrick, Felix Caspari, and Kal Bay) who will significantly help out on the offensive end. Kellis Robinett's blog is fantastic with some postgame audio and video...check it out. Also, it should be noted that Coach O'Brien flat out told me before the game that he didn't have much in on the offensive side of things, since he concentrated on defense first. Also, with Katie Zigars and John Hapke as my witnesses, I said right at the opening tip "Bengals by 18".

Dan Thompson also has some bloggy thoughts about the upcoming football game against Weber State, who clinch the Big Sky's automatic berth to the FCS playoffs with a win on Saturday.

Scott Haynes of the Sports Network has his Big Sky men's basketball preview out, and he picked Idaho State fourth, way lower than I've seen anywhere else (which is cool to even say really...fourth is the LOWEST I've seen us picked....I'm giddy).

Pago Togafau is right back where he started by the way...no, not with Idaho State, but with the Arizona Cardinals, who just signed him off of the New Orleans Saints' practice squad to replace Ali Highsmith, who was put on injured reserve. Also in the world of pro football, Eric Price, who started his career at Idaho State, was signed to the Boise Burn, along with Mark Weivoda and Ernie James, and Emery Beckles told me today that he should be signing with them soon as well. Also, Jared Allen is being accused of a couple of cheap shots by the coach of the Texans. Allen also was injured during the game as well and is iffy for their big game Sunday with the Packers.

ISU women's basketball opens up on Friday, and there will be some more in the local paper on them this week, but former ISU standout Stephanie Pemper is in her first year at Navy, and is taking a specific approach to things.

I totally wish I could have signed up for this. Also, make sure you read this on ISU's Brenda Cooper.

Lastly, how about softball landing in a conference for the 2010 season? The Pacific Coast Softball Conference, just what the doctor ordered.

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