Monday, February 23, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I think it's safe to say that even though I have the very lofty title of "Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations" ... well, I'm pretty much a geek at heart. I mean let's face it, I'm very popular on UniWatch as I'm a bit of a uniform obsessive. I also am all into LOST, and I follow the blogs after an episode, and I feel like I could write in what little spare time I have for LOSTpedia. On this last road trip once my computer battery died I found out that I enjoyed this a little bit too much, and I got to rewatch a few great sports documentaries, including Long Shots, the Life and Times of the American Basketball Association (a must-see) and When It Was A Game as well.

So, with this the final week for Big Sky men's basketball, you know I get geeked up when I get to help the conference office with conference tournament scenarios. I mean seriously, I love it. And while I won't break down everything (Jon at the conference office is looking everything over and comparing it to what he has figured out), I do know the ISU ones down pat.

Amazingly, ISU can finish as high as third, or out all together, but for that to happen, it would take a major, major miracle. Here is the scenarios for Idaho State:


To clinch a spot in the tournament

*A win over either NAU or SAC OR a NAU loss to WSU OR if MSU wins one or none of their final three games OR an EWU win over PSU OR one Northern Colorado loss. ISU cannot lose a 7-9 tie to any team involved in the tie unless the only two teams in the tie are ISU and NAU.

To clinch fourth

*Wins over NAU and SAC OR one win over either NAU or SAC and one loss by MSU to either PSU, UNC, or WSU OR with losses to NAU and SAC AND if MSU wins one or none of their final three games AND UNC does not sweep UM and MSU

To clinch third

*Wins over NAU and SAC AND PSU losses to MSU and EWU

Pretty simple right? I mean that is a load for ISU to miss the tournament. Anyways, back to the release, but I'm sorta pumped after figuring all that out. Have I ever mentioned I love my job?

Go Bengals!