Friday, February 27, 2009

Vengence is Mine, Saith the Coach

While fully believing in the separation of Church and State, a quick lesson on the blog today. For those of you that miss their Bible Studies, Romans 12:19 says "Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord."

Well, Joe O'Brien was hoping his team would exact a little revenge on Sacramento State last night, and holy cow did they ever. In case you missed it (and you shouldn't have...we had a shuttle) ISU led 26-3 with 5:36 left when Sacramento State scored their first field goal. Seriously. They went 0-for-14 until Randy Adams hit a basket from underneath. It was weird to watch, it wasn't like Sacramento State wasn't trying ... they were hustling everywhere, and they were in our grill defensively, but ISU shot 63.0% for the game. It was like watching was fun to watch.

But my thoughts was .... where would this rate on the Bill Simmons "Vengence Scale"? That scale came about due to the Shaquille O'Neal meeting against Kobe and the Lakers on Christmas Day a few years back when he torched the Lakers. For the full Vengence Scale from 0.0 (Rocky Balboa defeating Tommy Gunn in Rocky V) to 10.0 (Keyser Soze in the Usual Suspects), just click here and prepare to lose about 30 minutes of time at work. It's OK...everyone needs a break.

Anyways, I'm putting the 74-39 beatdown at 7.15, right between:

7.1 -- Snoop and Dre taking shots at Easy E in "Wit' Dre Day" ... Biggie recording "Who Shot Ya?" ... 50 Cent creating the word "Wankster" in a song about Ja Rule.

7.2 -- Darren McCarty beating up Claude Lemeiux (after Lemeiux broke Kris Draper's jaw the previous season) ... Ricky Steamboat learning to speak again after Randy Savage crushed his larynx with the ring bell, then ultimately seeking revenge (bonus points for the comedy of every taped piece where Steamboat pretended he couldn't speak, so he had to make crazy gestures to indicate how angry he was).

I remember the Ricky Steamboat incident from my childhood...we used to run around my house pretending we couldn't speak because of him....good times. Anyways, 7.15 belongs to the Bengals.

Tickets on Sale.....Psyche!
There are things that are embarrassing, and then there was the slip up last night after the game, where ISU announced that we were selling tickets for our conference tournament home game, but for some reason, the ticket folks thought that we hadn't clinched a home game yet because Northern Colorado snuck up and beat Montana. I'm not sure how it happened, but I am the scenariologist around here, and if I say we host.....well....listen to me, we host.

Anyways, fans can get tickets today, Saturday, and all next week, and how about ISU LOWERING the prices for the tournament? Nice right? Tickets are $14 and $9 for adults (those are on the floor in the end zones for $9...a steal), children and seniors are $6, and ISU students are $3 (have to charge for the tournament).

Seton Sobolewski for Coach of the Year
I should make buttons for that. Seriously....who else gets it on the women's side? Everyone and their parents knew Portland State and Montana would be 1-2. Montana State is a disappointing 6-7. ISU is 6-8 and in fourth place after changing coaches, losing the greatest player in the history of the Big Sky Conference, losing ISU's top two career scorers, and having just seven scholarship players. He is totally the Coach of the Year....not a doubt in my mind.


Anonymous said...

You may be the scenariologist, but maybe better communication is needed. Listening to the post-game show while driving home, Jerry and Brad said Montana had clinched the #2 spot. I don't think that's accurate either, is it? Doesn't it depend on whether PSU win, and whether UNC or MSU finishes 5th?

Frank Mercogliano said...

Yes, Montana would have clinched the two with a win. They had all that information so I'm surprised that they got that wrong. Montana is the #2 team if Eastern beat Portland State on Saturday OR if Montana State wins at Northern Colorado on Sunday. We play the winner of the MSU/UNC game.

Is it possible they said that they COULD have clinched the two with a win?


Anonymous said...

No, they both talked about it and agreed that Montana had already clinched the #2. It was a mistake, no biggy. I just thought they would have had the likely scenarios in front of them. This is also a case where it would be nice if there was a way to email them during broadcasts.

Idaho said...

What I said on the post-game was that Montana lost and is done for the season, and PSU, if they win vs. EWU on Saturday, would then send the second place determination to tiebreakers, and I didn't know what how the tiebreaker shook out at that point. Jerry figured Montana had the tiebreaker clinched because it swept Montana State and PSU split with the Bobcats. So I took his word for it. But yes, we should have had the stuff in front of us when we get to talking about the standings. You can bet we will on Saturday.

A member of the coaching staff told Derek, the ticket manager, before the game last night that Montana had to beat UNC in order for ISU to clinch with a win. So we have ALL learned a lesson -- Frank is THE scenariologist, and we will follow no other!

--Brad B