Thursday, April 9, 2009

...and GOBIGORANGE will sorely be depressed.

For those that haven't figured this out yet, Kelvin Ang has done a nice job covering ISU's spring practices as the new football beat writer. It's actually fun to watch him start to get into the flow of the beat a little bit. Well, Kelvin has gone and without mentioning a certain website (The Bengal Den....who am I kidding?), he talked with Clint Knickrehm, Braeden Clayson, Sean Rutten, and recruiting coordinator Nick Whitworth about recruiting Idaho kids and the challenges involved.

Also, in talking with Nick, here is a great little trivia nugget, but Nick told me that in the last five or so years, 15 Idaho kids entered the program as walk-ons and were eventually scholarshipped. That's an amazing stat.

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Anonymous said...

That is because the recruit Idaho argument is as old as my grandpas buckskin rubber and twice as used/