Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tweet Tweet....Rockin' Robin

So, I got the softball release to get some football stuff done, but in the meantime, ISU fans can have a virtual athletic update by signing up for the new ISU Twitter Page! It's, and you just click the follow link, and basically you get a tweet (not my word, it's what they call it) that has the headline and a link to a full story. Should be a good way to get news updates, and most folks use their cell phones for it (so unlimited text messages would be wise, and I can't imagine not having that anyways...I have three daughters.

Anyways, if you are interested and sign up, feedback is always appreciated.

As for the scoreboard, it gets it's first test Friday at noon at Rainey Park as softball hosts Seattle...come on out! Also, football flip-flopped the next two days (now they are off Thursday and practicing in uppers only on Friday).

By the way, the new MLB.TV? It's unbelievable. Best buy in professional Marlins in glorious HD. I'm in heaven, and they are 3-0!


Competitve Edge said...

We will follow you! Don't forget to check out our blog and follow us on twitter at put the bengalblog on our blogroll. Frank are you gonna show your tweets on the blog? Also, wondered if you got a chance to run the blog thing by Coach Z? The new UW coach is doing it and has had all kinds of happy fans following it!

Michael Strickland said...

Thank you for this update, Frank. I look forward to further Bengal creative efforts, and to your response about the proposed Coach Z blog.