Monday, September 28, 2009

Updates from the Coach's Show

John Zamberlin talked at length on our coach's show Monday night about the steps he and his staff are taking to address the football team's issues. Here are some highlights:

Zamberlin is going to get personally involved in coaching the offensive line. The Bengal front has struggled mightily this year, with ISU averaging less than a yard per carry in the running game. Coach Z is going to try to "light a fire" under the O-line.

Freshman defensive lineman Mihn Williams is moving over to offensive guard to compete for playing time. Fellow true freshman Mark Clampitt will likely see some playing time at guard this week against Eastern Washington, as well as the H-back position he played last week against Central Washington.

The Bengals are going to simplify their punt protection schemes in order to try to break the four-game streak of having a punt blocked. Personal protector Clint Knickhrem is also expected back this week.

True freshman wide receiver Shaquille Senegal has been cleared to play for the first time this year after suffering a pre-season injury. He will likely see playing time on Saturday. Fellow freshman WR Rod Rumble is going to take some practice reps at safety and freshman RB Darrius Coleman will see practice time at the "nickle back" position in an effort to build some depth in the defensive backfield. Senior Amir Owens is still hobbled considerably by pre-season knee surgery and is only available in an emergency situation.

The Bengals will get more information on their "walking wounded" in the next couple of days, including Lance Cartwright, Isaiah Burel, Sean Rutten and Russell Hill.

Basketball Updates

A large contingent from the ISU Athletic Department showed up for the broadcast tonight in a show of support for Zamberlin. Among those attending was Bengal basketball Coach Joe O'Brien. He gave me some updates on the basketball team, including:

Bengal wing player Austin Kilpatrick (above) reinjured his surgically repaired shoulder when he fell in the shower a couple of weeks ago and grabbed the bar in an attempt to hold himself up. He'd been shooting in personal drills up to that point. O'Brien said doctors are hopeful he merely tore some scar tissue rather than reinjuring connective tissue. O'Brien will make a decision in mid-November about whether to redshirt A-K.

Forward Rolando Little is still waiting for his final transcript in order to get eligible for the season.

--Brad B.

And thanks for being a Bengal fan -- it ain't always easy, but it's always fun.


Anonymous said...

I missed the coach’s show last night and I was wondering if Coach Z addressed the issue with Brad Sheed and the comments he made after the game. I personally think if Mr. Sheed wants to take off plays during the game perhaps he can take off the rest of the season. How in the heck as an offensive lineman can you take plays off? The offense starts and ends with the offensive line, no wonder our offense is so terrible. This kid is getting his school paid for and he is going take plays off during the game. Maybe his scholarship should be pulled and let him pay for school on his own and see how much fun it is. If anything Mr. Sheed should come out and publicly apologize to the fans, the coaches, and his teammates.

Frank Mercogliano said...

John did address it with both Brad and the team, and unfortunately, Brad was trying to say something and it didn't come out quite the way he wanted. I was paying attention to three interviews at the same time and I sort of cringed when he said it. John coached the offensive line yesterday and will this week, with Brian Strandley handling the linebackers this week.

In part, I probably should have put a more veteran guy out there like Mitch Rudder to handle the interview, but Shedd was requested and I went with and learn on my end.


Anonymous said...

If Zamberlin can do "half" the job with the offensive line that he has done with the linebackers (Storms AND Arias), then this team will certainly gain some rushing yards this week.