Thursday, September 24, 2009

Idaho State's new Football Locker Room

On Thursday morning at 11:00 am, the ISU football team had their ribbon-cutting for the new ISU football locker room, sponsored by the Pocatello Chiefs, and Chief of Chiefs Ruth Jackson. Enjoy the pictures of the new locker room and the ceremony, including the photo on the right in which John Zamberlin thanked many of the people in attendance for their hard work. Click on the photos to enlarge

Coach Zamberlin cuts the ceremonial ribbon with the world's largest scissors, or so they seemed. (Sorry this one is a little blurry...I got bumped right as I took the picture).

Coach Z. addresses the invited guests and talks about the different transformations that took place from the old locker room to the new one.

When Mike Calley played for Idaho state, he carried this poem in his helmet. that poem now sits by the entrance the team goes out when heading to the field, and they will touch this and the Bengal paw underneath it for luck on the way to the field.

Donors could purchase lockers for either $500 or $1,000. This is the locker donated by ISU President Dr. Arthur C. Vailas, who put his college position on his locker with the slogan "Anything is Possible". Dr. Vailas' locker is located on the senior wall.

This is a look from the east side of the locker room. The lockers in the middle of the picture are the senior lockers, and the engraved Bengal head on the side of the new island was done with a wood-carving laser. A look at Russel Hill's locker on the left shows how much room each player has for their gear.

Jared Allen's limitless generosity to his alma mater extended to his purchase of a locker for one of the seniors.

A better look at the laser-etched engraving on the end of the lockers. All the ends have either the Bengal head logo or the interlocking IS.

The new custom nameplates for the players that adorn each locker. Instead of the player number is an interlocking IS, as player numbers change frequently, especially in a players freshman and sophomore years.

A better look at the east side of the locker room. In all there are 96 lockers. In this shot you can see the interlocking IS as well as the islands which were installed about two weeks ago. There are two islands holding eight lockers each. Also, the bottom part of each locker flips open and players can store pads and shoes, and they have air holes so everything can breathe.

What's a grand opening without a little bit of cake?


Anonymous said...

Give me some fin. Noggin. Dude!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Frank! In addition to Jared Allen's generosity, I see Dave Kragthorpe and his wife Barbara are represented. Dave always used to say he measured a man (or woman) by their loyalty to their alma mater. I know Dave has lived that loyalty to his -- Utah State -- but he's never turned down a chance to help ISU, either. What a class individual.

--Brad B.

Anonymous said...

This is good news indeed! Congrats to ISU! This story and these pictures need a place on the regular website (and not hidden in a blog)!!!

Frank Mercogliano said...

I planned on it but I knew I could get the photos up faster on the blog and then link to the page on the feature page later.


Loretta said...

Nice blog. You should get in touch with the bizymoms Pocatello community to feature these on their page. It’s free and the moms will love it.