Monday, January 25, 2010

Holt Arena or Reed Gym?

After ISU swept Portland State and Eastern Washington in Reed Gym last week, there was renewed buzz about moving all Bengal basketball games from Holt Arena back to Reed. Here are the pros and cons of moving back to Reed Gym that I've heard over the years. Let us know what you think and we'll kick around the topic with Bengal Coach Joe O'Brien on the coach's show tonight at 6 p.m. on KSEI 930 AM:

Pros of Moving to Reed Gym

1. Players practice most of the time there and love it.

2. ISU has played very well there and shoots very well there.

3. The game atmosphere is much better there than spreading 2,000 people throughout Holt Arena.

4. Fans don't have to pay to park there.

Cons of Moving Back to Reed Gym

1. Parking, concessions and rest rooms aren't as nice or available in Reed.

2. Holt Arena, which is a separate entity from the athletic department, loses parking and concession revenue.

3. The seats are less comfortable in Reed.

4. The students get pushed under the baskets and up in the balconies to make room for the season ticket holders on the floor seats.
5. In the past, ISU Coach Joe O'Brien has said Holt is a better venue to recruit to.

Post your comments below and we'll share your thoughts on the show tonight.


--Brad B.


Anonymous said... has been running a poll on its main page on this very subject. At last look, it was 65% to 35% in favor of Reed.

Tuffgong said...

Bottom line: Play at whichever venue gives you the better homecourt advantage and atmosphere. Under O'Brien, we are undefeated in Reed Gym. You have your answer right there.. If we can pack 3,000 into that gym, that is as an imposing Home Court as any in our conference. We are starting to peak people!


Jason Karp said...

I kind of like the look of the curtain arena they've got up in Moscow. It looks like a good way to make a dome more intimate for basketball. Is ISU looking at that concept.