Friday, April 16, 2010

Patience Is a Virtue in Spring Recruiting

When it comes to college basketball recruiting, patience is a not only a virtue, it's a requirement. Unlike college football recruiting, where probably 95 percent of the players sign their letters of intent on the first day of the signing period, basketball recruiting seems to drag on interminably. Especially if you are a coach waiting to hear from a potential recruit.

Dan Angell of the Journal did an interview Thursday with Sac State Coach Brian Katz about his recruiting class to date, and you can just hear the anxiety in Katz's voice as he talks about waiting to hear back from three of his targets.

So you can imagine the anxiety around the Idaho State basketball offices these days as the Bengals attempt to bring in eight new players. ISU Head Coach Joe O'Brien told Angell earlier in the day that he is hopeful he can round up that recruiting class over the next two weekends, when he plans to bring in a number of recruits each weekend. O'Brien could at least breath a bit of a sigh of a relief on Thursday, when his first spring recruit, 6-6, 220-pound forward Brandon Glanz (above) of Las Vegas, faxed in his letter of intent.

Some Bengal fans, myself included, were more than a bit apprehensive about how the Bengals' spring recruiting efforts were progressing when no signees were announced on Wednesday, the first day of the signing period, and when there were no publicly-acknowledged commitments by recruits. But we should have reminded ourselves that ISU basketball coaches historically have been recruiting well into May most years. Final Four weekend is always a "dead period" for recruits, and ISU coaches also try to manuever visits around the Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo, which brings a distinct, shall we say, "air" to Holt Arena for a week or so every spring. (Every college has its unique recruiting challenges, but I have to think horse manure ranks right up there with the most unique).

The signing of Glanz, who joins fall recruit Andre Hatchett, a 6-4 guard/forward, is the first step to addressing one of the Bengals' biggest needs this spring: big bodies who can rebound and defend the post. David Busma, the 7-foot center who redshirted last year, is the only returning big man on the roster. Just from looking at his promotional recruiting video, Glanz appears to have the skills to see time at all three forward spots. He used his athleticism to average 25 points, 16 rebounds and five blocks a game, impressive numbers no matter who you are playing against. To become a more polished inside presence in the Big Sky Conference, Glanz also will have to start putting together more of a back-to-the-basket, post-up game.
More to Come
Hopefully next on the Bengal shopping list are: a couple more post players, preferrably JC kids who have the experience and physical maturity to step in and start; a couple of wing players who can hit the three; and another point guard who can back-up returner Broderick Gilchrest, and perhaps allow him to slide over to the two guard for periods of time. That's a nice, comprehensive list to shoot for and it would be great if O'Brien really could wrap it all up over the next two weekends. But nobody knows better how flakey spring recruiting can be than coaches trying to complete a roster. Or, how critical patience is during that time.
No More Numbers
I took down a previous blog post, "The (Almost) All Numbers" edition, after being told that many of the numbers in the post (which all came from the Idaho State Board of Education web site) were inaccurate. I apologize to ISU football Coach John Zamberlin and Athletic Director Jeff Tingey for reporting inaccurate salary figures. And I apologize for drawing inaccurate, or possibly over-dramatic conclusions from those numbers. Frank Mercogliano is my balast, and he has to occasionally pull me back from the ledge when my "glass half-empty" side rears its ugly head in this blog space. I think it's latent cynacism left over from days as a political reporter and former sportswriter. It's one of my many character flaws I'm attempting to correct.
--Brad Bugger


Anonymous said...

If you think about it, manure is not really that bad... I mean, it’s ‘newer’, which is good, and a ‘ma’ in front of it, which is also good. Ma-newer , right?

-George Costanza


Anonymous said...

I have heard that ISU only has 3-4 official visits available--meaning ISU will be forced to sign kids that will not be able to make official visits. Do you know if that is accurate?


Frank Mercogliano said...

No, they have more than that...I don't have the official number, but it's more like least at the start of the signing period anyways.