Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here's a sneak peak for you....

....OK, I've been sitting on this and didn't want to post on the main site without Joe's quotes, but RECRUITING IS OVER!!!!! (YEAH!) Here is recruit #8, Kamil Gawrzydek (and I have no clue how to pronounce that just yet)

A Kamil Makes Eight, ISU Signs North Platte’s Gawrzydek

6-11 center completes recruiting class for 2010-11 season

Pocatello, ID --- Idaho State University Joe O’Brien and his coaching staff have probably earned a little R-&-R as O’Brien has announced the signing of 6-11 center Kamil Gawrzydek of Teresin, Poland for the 2010-11 season, completing a large eight-man recruiting class. Gawrzydek joins Abner Moreira of Western Wyoming Junior College, Nick Mason of Memphis Southwind High School, Chase Grabau of North Platte Community College, Justin Brunswick of Middletown Madison High School, Kenny McGowen of the College of the Sequioas, Brandon Glanz of Las Vegas Coronado High School and Andre' Hatchett of Tucson Santa Rita High School. Gawrzydek’s signing completes the 2010 recruiting class, one that features four JC transfers and four high school seniors.

Gawrzydek, who was a college teammate of Bengal recruit Chase Grabau at North Platte CC, was slated to be the starting center last year before injuries derailed his sophomore season. He ended up playing in 23 games for North Platte, and 223 minutes total. Despite that, he still shot .686 from the field and averaged 3.7 points and 3.4 rebounds per game in less than 10 minutes of action. Despite his limited minutes he still finished third on the team in blocks as well.

North Platte last year went 29-6 and won the NJCAA Region IX championship, advancing to NJCAA National Tournament for the first time in school history.

So as soon as I get Joe's quote, that will be on the site, so it's a sneak preview for all the bloggers that read this.

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Anonymous said...

Frank, why are they breaking ground on Bartz for the softball field? All of the plans for Bengal Village show it located south of Holt Arena. Is there an update on Bengal Village? Just wondering.

ajones said...

You misspelled four in the last sentence of the first paragraph just before JC.

Frank Mercogliano said...

ajones, that's a great catch, and it's fixed now...thanks!


Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing... maybe the plan has been adjusted. Interesting... you guys are wayyyyyy to tight lipped. Any chance we can revisit the Holt Arean issue?

Frank Mercogliano said...

Tight lipped about what...and what about the Holt Arena issue to revisit? I'm a little lost...sorry.


Frank Mercogliano said...

I'm gonna remind people that if you want comments posted and questions answered, screaming in all caps and calling people liars and names will not get it done.

Much like any document or plan....things change. We do not have the funds for a football practice field at this time, so the choice is build a softball field South of Holt and have the football field practice every day inside Holt, unless there is another event there, and then they are screwed, or change the plan and build the on-campus softball field that was originally talked about way back in 2003 when the program was brought back the first time.

I believe Myers-Anderson is going to reconfigure the Bengal Village plan for this change, but everything usually has a cost.

As always, if you are going to scream and call me names, at least tell me your real name...common courtesy. I defy anyone to find an SID as open with fans as I am for questions and concerns.


Anonymous said...

Sorry some fans have to be jerks. However, I have to admit I was wondering the same things (and why it was not being answered). The very first comment here asks the question, and I have heard it asked on two different occasions (one on an Idaho State Journal blog and one in a restaurant right after the ground breaking).

Thanks for answering it. It makes more sense on Bartz anyway, in my opinion. I think once there is funding for the football practice fields, they should go south of Holt (and allow some openess). I do not understand why it could not have been addressed in the initial press release, or even during the post-groundbreaking release. You are right, plans change. No big deal. But not addressing it raises red flags, especially when economic times are still tough.

Thanks for all you do!

Frank Mercogliano said...

I guess there's been enough talk in my circles and with what has been in the Journal that I probably didn't communicate it perfectly.

I probably should have put some of that in the Miller Ranch Video Report ...