Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rolling out the red carpet for the fans....


I hold in my hand a pair of contracts...contracts for websites. Very exciting stuff....I get the final presentation over the phone, and then hopefully one of these will be signed and sent to the company we are going with, and then it is a nine-week sprint to an August 1 launch date.

While I'm happy for Idaho State and the athletic department at the latest web evolution (as I mentioned in this blogpost, which also touches on a contest I entered), I'm excited for our fans. We can have a splash page! Drop downs with ticket information or alerts ... just some good things...but here is the deal. While the website has to serve Idaho State's functions for an athletic department, it needs to serve the fans as well, and that's where you guys come in.

Over the next 10 days or so, I'm going to be in Los Angeles for the LOST finale showing at the Orpheum Theater (and to get photos with my grand prize of the DHARMA Van from the show, since I won the video contest!), and then I'm headed to Arizona to serve as the official scorer for the Western Athletic Conference baseball tournament. I have asked the coaches of the various sports and teams what they want in a website...but what do you guys want? Is there anything on the web that you go "Why can't ISU have that?" All I ask is be reasonable knowing the limitations on dollars and staffing, but let me know, because it could be something I hadn't even thought of, and it could be very doable. I would prefer that you email me at, and in the subject line put WEBSITE IDEAS, so I can immediately save it in the right folder and I can identify what it is right away.

I know we are looking at incorporating our blogs, facebook , and twitter into the new site, I want rotating pictures on the stories on the front page, sport specific headers...heck, I'm kinda wanting different livestats ... but touch base on what you the fan want, or what you the parent want. As always, no guarantees, other than I will listen to everyone's suggestions.

With that, I've got laundry to do if I'm going to be on the same red carpet as Michael Emerson (and that's not even a lie!!!!)



JB said...

Congrats Frank! Will we be able to tailgate with the dharma van? :)

Any chance you can tell us who the athletic website providers are that you are considering? I'd like to compare the pros and cons of each, if I could (or if it's allowed).

Frank Mercogliano said...

Well, I can't say who we are looking at, but if you were looking at say this list:
or this list:, that would be helpful ...


Steve said...

Congrats Frank on the new website proposal and winner of the LOST video contest !!!!!!!

You are truly one of a kind.

Keep it up !!!!