Friday, May 7, 2010

Miller Ranch Stadium Did Happen and It's Coming....

So someone wanted to know why there is nothing yet on the website about Miller Ranch Stadium (it was way to smart-alecky a comment to publish, but the point was valid). However, here is why there is nothing on there yet.

I got back from the ground breaking at about 2:30 or so, and I was in the office for not long at all, basically only long enough to download the video files onto my laptop. I then set up a few interviews for folks (Joe O'Brien, coming to an Idaho State Journal near you on Wednesday with a big recruiting wrap-up) and then I had to pick up a Suburban at the motor pool to help shuttle softball players down to Weber State for the games on Friday and Saturday. Then I had to get my dad's allowance (seriously), and then shovel food in my mouth in order to get my daughter to her softball game at 4:45 (I was late). She played from 5:30 to 6:50 (won 6-5 on a bases loaded error trying to pick a runner off first with two outs...yeesh), and then had hockey until 9 pm or so (a big 7-1 win with 34 saves thank you very much).

From there it was come home, shower (I stink after games after wearing all that equipment), and then after a quick snack, I edited the video while watching Survivor (Spoiler Alert...Russell is pure evil). Once I got the video done, it was too big to load to youtube, so I had to download Windows Movie maker on my computer to shrink the file, which took forever as my connection at the house was SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. Once that was all done, I started the youtube upload, and it's after midnight and there is still two hours left on the upload. Usually this is way faster, but that's why it's not up there yet. Hopefully before I bus out in the morning.

FYI the plan is to post some photo updates of the progress throughout the summer.


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Anonymous said...

Better to stink after games than during games! ;)