Friday, August 13, 2010

Bouncing Back

Idaho State has several players bouncing back from injuries incurred in the 2009 season. Check out the story "Ward, Clayson Battle Way Back to Field" by Mark Liptak written for the Times News about two players who are just a few of many to have bounced back from their injuries: Bryant Ward and Braeden Clayson.

Another article along the same lines is Jay Heater's "ISU Player Comes Back From the Brink" about Andrew Benavides' recovery since his neck injury during ISU's game at Northern Arizona that doctors feared would leave Benavides paralyzed. However, this reselient player is back on the field today waiting to be cleared. He is currently helping the coaches, calling players and working with the players. This gives him the opportunity to fully understand and learn the offense and defensive sides inside and out for when he returns. If he clears a nerve test Benavides will be able to compete this year if he wants to, and boy does he want to! Or he will redshirt this season and play for the Bengals in 2011. Either way the Bengals will have an experienced and knowledgeable player helping them.

--Katie Zigars, Asst. SID

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