Thursday, August 12, 2010

Volleyball Makes a Splash with Team Photo

I would probably have to say that our volleyball athletes can be the silliest of all as far as their personalities. It is never a dull moment with those players. Today the team took their head shot photos for the website and media guides as well as their team photos. With a minor camera problem slowing down the process in the beginning the girls entertained themselves by playing pictionary on the white board in the photographic studio, throwing out random topics for drawing ideas. Some of my favorites were Breanne Van Every (featured in the action photo to the left) drawing cricket for the sports theme. She drew a picture of the insect cricket and a bat, Katie Grajewski was able to get everyone to guess "crabby" the emotion by drawing a boat and something that honestly resembled more of a jellyfish than a crab. Finally, assistant coach David Hyte unsuccessfully tryed to get players to guess Talledega Nights for the movie theme by drawing Ricky Bobby, but needless to say his skills were lacking.

Eventually the camera was fixed, but the pictionary game continued until all the photos were taken. Then the team traveled to the Rendezvous to take their team photo. In fact, the volleyball team is the first program to take their photo in front of the Rendezvous which turned out to be a pretty silly time. Just after we scoped out the best location for a photo and had all the players and coaches aligned on the new grass that has been put in, the sprinklers went off! Who knew sprinklers would be going off at noon. Some of our girls got pretty soaked which turned into a fit of hilarity. The players and coaches were moved to a different section of the grass and continued to take photos. Then the timers must have kicked in (or someone was playing a prank) as the sprinklers went off again! An even greater fit of laughter ensued but poor Karissa Legaux and Haylee Thompson-Brock were sitting right in front of the sprinklers and probably received the most damage. We decided with our luck we would move the players to concrete only and took their photo on the walkway in front of the Rendezvous Center. The photo came out very nicely and I can't wait to put them up on the website! Even if it was a more difficult task than usual, it made for an entertaining afternoon.

-Katie Zigars, Asst. SID

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Anonymous said...

As silly as it sounds, things like this help build team unity and rapport.

Thanks for reporting it!