Thursday, August 7, 2008

Getting Into the Swing of Things...

Quarterbacks coach Brian Jensen can give me all the grief he wants, but I'm still psyched over a 9-0 shutout last night. Only the second shutout in the past five seasons....yeah, my team is pretty good for once. Anyways, not to much for a blog entry today, other than some links.

Dust Up
This is where I'll do some commenting. First, read the blog post by Dan Thompson regarding yesterday's practice and his take on the little flare up that happened. Now, we can all agree that these things happen in practice right? (OK, maybe not the helmet throwing). Well, I've NEVER seen Z that charged up before, and man, it was great. Last season, there was a definite difference between the discipline styles and practice demeanor between Zamberlin and Larry Lewis, but this year, there is a difference between 2007 Zamberlin and 2008 Zamberlin. It's hard to describe, but he is way more intense, and more into it, if that makes any sense. I mean the team looks better (deeper, more playmakers and better athleticism), but the coaching staff has really turned the dial up to 11 so to speak.

And what's great is they do all of this while remaining positive with the players. It's never a "you did this wrong", it's a "here's what you can do better" ... it "can" instead of "can't" ... it's "this is right" instead of "this is wrong" ... just fun stuff to's really as good a staff as I've seen here.

Soccer Starts
For all the soccer fanatics out there (or the one guy on the internet who goes by "soccerfanatic"...), Tim Flagstad covered both practices for the Journal, and Dan Thompson actually broke away from football for a column on the 2008 prospects of the team.

One Smart Bronco
Chadd Cripe of the Statesman has an article on Richie Brockel, who is definitely a guy who takes the "dumb Jock" stereotype and Chuck Norris's it into oblivion.

I Love Manhattan.....Kansas?
While the men's basketball team is headed to Manhattan, Kansas for a January 3 game against the Wildcats, they can get hotel information from assistant track coach Jackie Poulson, who was just there.

Football and Soccer Aren't the Only Ones in Camp
Someone posted some clips of the Bengal Dancers on Youtube during their camp in Twin Falls. This dance is a little calmer, but I believe this would fall under the "Hip-Hop" category. And yes, this dance is called "The Mating Game". In fact, just go here to see all 13 videos, including actual performances.

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