Monday, August 4, 2008

Camp is Here!!!

Ah, there were student-athletes getting cleats and equipment as I walked in this is in the air. A reminder to the fans that the actual first practice is at 4:00 pm (Oh, they are scheduled for outside too...) The morning deal is just a walk through (which means you can't have a football out there, but it's a great teaching tool for coaches and the athletes in working on timing and schemes and things).

Also of note....I saw the new road uniforms....I think I like them better then the home ones. Big black numbers you can see from the pressbox, which is way better than the orange rollerball/George Jetson numbers we had the last time that you couldn't read from 30 feet away.

Seriously, stop what you are doing, and go directly to this piece in the Seattle Times by Bud Withers about the life of Former Eastern Washington coach Paul Wulff. I knew about this, but it's still an amazing read...

Idaho State Journal is ready for some Football!
Dan Thompson ran his camp preview on Saturday, and his thoughts are probably shared by many ... defensive line, defensive line, and defensive line. Also, Tim Flagstad gives us three reasons for hope...and three for not so much hope.

Speaking of camp access....
Where was this when I was eating those crawdads two weeks ago and trying to email out the tournament brackets for the softball league I help run in the summer?

And This Fulfills the Idaho Statesman's quota of One Bad Article About the City of Boise Per Year
All I'm saying is this article probably isn't in any Boise State recruiting books. I'm just saying. However, since I know many folks living in Boise, I can tell you that I laughed pretty hard at the headline. Again, just saying...

We Aren't the Only Ones
Several other Big Sky schools are getting ready to open up camp, including Montana State, Portland State, and Sacramento State. Weber State won the battle though, opening up last Friday (they play earlier than everyone else, so they opened first).

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