Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Soccer is Just a Kick in the Grass

Soccer camp opens today, and the second practice is a fun one usually if coach Gibson does what she normally does. The opening practice at 9 is the dreaded fitness test, including a mile run that has to be done in under six minutes (Proud to say I passed that one in all three years of college soccer that I took it). The second practice is fun, because the coaches usually sit in the stands, break the team into two sides, and let them scrimmage, just to see who does what...definitely the practice to go to. To the links....

The Big Boys Get Some Love
Dan Thompson focused in on a big key for 2008, the offensive line. FYI, linemen are generally the best football guys to interview. Dan also blogged about ISU's Chris Kirkegaard, who went from not sure what he was doing for college to scholarship in the span of about four day. Also, Brad Shellgren has been out the past two days, and his opening day camp story is here, and the story on the tight ends should show up there sometime this afternoon.

Welcome Back Chris
Century's Chris Winland is also back in the fold, and he will be a redshirt junior this season. Chris redshirted the 2005 season, then left the program originally due to academics, but after spending last season in "cowboy protection", meaning in layman's terms he was a non-funny rodeo clown, he is back and fighting for time along the defensive line.

Jayson Bird....He's Been Busy
Ryan Collingwood caught up with Jayson Bird, since that's in his coverage area and all, and put up a lengthy piece on the visit.

Finally, ISU on the List
Kellis Robinett's Big Sky predictions have Idaho State at #5. He has several good points in there, and I like his take on Ryan Phipps.

For Grins and Giggles
Look at the photo on this page about the NFL's Snowplow Game, and you will see ISU head coach John Zamberlin wearing #54, putting him on the field for one of the most famous plays in NFL history.

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