Thursday, September 18, 2008

Game Day!!!!!!

Finally....home games. Man, it has been a long, weary road. But I will say this....if the teams play like I did yesterday in my hockey game? Oh, we'll be great...and we'll win, because I gotta admit...I was on. That was fun. Anyways...some important stuff.

Bring $1 bills please....the parking attendants will be able to make change, but not if every single car brings a $5 or a $10 bill....ones would be very, very, helpful.

Now, I'm just gonna recommend getting the Journal for today, because the sports section was USA Today-ish in length...I loved that. If you don't pick it up, here's some of what you missed....If you read my game notes (they are a MUST read by the humor knows no boundaries), you noticed that I take umbrage at North Dakota hosting the Potato Bowl. Well, Dan Thompson had much more space to get his point across, and he does so swimmingly. Kellis Robinett feels that Idaho State is going to win the game fairly easily by the way, and I for one appreciate his confidence. Kellis and Dan also do an audio preview of the game tonight on the Bengal Minute, and it's pretty interesting. Also, here is the preview from the Grand Forks Herald, and seriously, that's twice now that they have screwed up our winning's three in the 2000s....6-5 in 2000, 8-3 in 2002, and 8-4 in 2003...sheesh.

Butter....Oh, We'll Give You Some Butter
OK, so the mayor of Pocatello, Roger Chase, and Grand Forks mayor Michael Brown, have a wager on the game tonight, with a sack of potatoes on the line....russets for Brown if ISU loses, and red potatoes for Chase if ISU wins. However, the entire state of Idaho should thank Mayor Brown for ripping ISU's top crop. So here's what we are going to do....he wants butter? Send him some. Look up the address and make sure he gets plenty of butter. That would be pretty funny actually.

I've Flipped for Alex Hansen and Jen Munro
Well, not really because that would be creepy, but everyone has to love the flip throw in. Tim Flagstad breaks that down with the two soccer players, and a wicked cool photo from Joe Kline.

And This is Why No One Watches Fox Sports.
Eddie Thompson....please repeat....T-H-O-M-P-S-O-N.....not W-I-L-L-I-A-M-S. And about that uniforms look nicer.

Volleyball at 3:00 pm
Don't forget volleyball opens against Portland State at 3:00 pm, and BengalFest is starting at 4:30 pm....Guitar Hero Tournament....nice.

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