Friday, September 19, 2008

So Close.....

Having left the office just before midnight, I can tell you that was slightly frustrating last night, wasn't it? Interestingly, Idaho State now has a seven-game losing streak, and that's the third longest in FCS play right now. Columbia has lost eight straight, and they host Fordham on Saturday, while Indiana State has dropped 16 in a row, and it'll probably be 17 when they travel to Mid-American Conference member Northern Illinois for an FBS game.

By the way, ISU's largest comeback was in 1996, winning over Cal Poly 35-32 in OT after being down 22 at 25-3. Almost got that one last night.

5,970 for the, those that were there were great...really. It was 31-7, and you could tell the crowd WANTED to cheer, and finally the offense put some drives together, and the defense made a few stops, and the crowd ate it up. I hope we can get more folks to the Montana State game in two weeks. I would have hoped for more of a crowd though....seriously, that game was so worth the money for the sheer entertainment value.

Plenty of dissecting of the game by those who paid to do that sort of thing. Dan Thompson's unedited story is here, but for a giggle, check out the asinine comment by Louise in the comments section. I mean it's about as ill-informed a comment as you can get off of that particular game. She apparently didn't watch the game I watched. Dan also posted his joint notebook, with some other tidbits that didn't make the print edition. Ryan Collingwood also was there from the Blackfoot Morning News and filed this story as well. Also, Joe Kline's photography from the Journal has some shots of the game, and I even stayed late to post a photo gallery as well, with Julie Hillebrandt taking all of the photos. I did that for the fans baby! Wayne Nelson of the Grand Forks Herald also posted his gamer online, and finally, here is the AP story, filed by Andy Taylor of ISU's University Relations office.

By the way, as an aside, usually Montana wins the "largest football entourage" trophy, because they bring everyone, and I mean everyone....they usually have an AD, two Asst A.D., Griz Club guy, and a host of others...well, North Dakota pretty much took that trophy away. Seriously, I think one of their administrators might have had his pet iguana with him. They brought so many people, it bordered on bizarre. Wasn't a problem, but I thought it was really strange...they must have chartered. Later today or early next week, another photo gallery should pop up from the game at the Idaho Sports Zone's site.

Also, the Journal's volleyball story wasn't up yet, but the team lost to defending champion Portland State 3-0, and Katie Zigars had the official ISU report, but the team played pretty well. PSU is the best team in the Big Sky, and ISU was right there.

YouTube Proof Frank Mercogliano Knows What He Is Talking About
When Russel Hill got smashed by Jeron Johnson on a hard hit back in Boise on August 30, most of the folks in the press box thought it was dumb for Hill to not go out of bounds, but no one wanted to listen when I said that Johnson led with his helmet and should have been flagged. Not only does this youtube video prove I'm right, but what in heck is the official that is like 10 feet from the play watching. Sir, please re-read the rulebook...that's a penalty this year...thanks.

Remember, soccer today at 1:00 pm ... the game will be on KISU, with yours truly calling the game between ISU and UC Davis. ISU is undefeated in their last 13 games at Davis Field stretching back almost two full calendar years, so come out and catch what should be a great game. You won't regret it, and I can write you a note for work if you really need it. Also, as you might have seen, Brad Bugger posted yesterday, as he and Jerry Miller will chime in from time-to-time with their insights, which I think will add a lot to this little corner of the ISU world....welcome Brad and Jerry!

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