Friday, September 26, 2008

Schedules, schedules, schedules....

...OK, just got through with the team walk-through (and oddly, Eastern Washington was having a function for the 100th year/Hall of Fame deal, so there were all these Eastern Washington people at our closed practice...nice) and I told you all I'd let you know a little about life on the road.

After the three hour drive to Boise, we all got some meal money for the Boise was interesting to see where folks went. Quizno's for some, pizza for others, a good majority played it safe with McDonalds. Most folks assume correctly that I'm not a team member (I'd only pass for a kicker, and a short one at that), but TWO people in the airport came to me to compliment me on the team, their appearance and their manners, so that was actually very cool. Also, on the ride over, we watched Casino Royale, the first Daniel Craig Bond movie. I used to be a huge Bond geek, but I sort of grew out of it....well, let me tell you, that movie is fantastic. Daniel Craig is so good as, what a movie.

Anyways, we went back in time on the flight, leaving at 2:45, and landing at 2:35 due to a time zone change, and then we took about a 46 second bus ride to the hotel. From there the players have a little time before heading to the walk-through. The team then has a special teams meeting before dinner. The dinners are usually pretty nice. Usually a big salad, rolls, and then most guys get both main entrees, but you have your choice of a pasta (almost always lasagna), or beef/chicken and potatoes. Now, if there are chocolate chip cookies available afterwards then it's like the perfect capper.

Due to the early game time (12:37 out here), the team has an early wake up call, and then a walk-through in the hotel before a breakfast. Breakfasts are ALWAYS good. Eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes...always a good time there. The post game this time is going to be some buffet (they have no idea Demetrius Amos and Braeden Clayson are coming LOL). Fly home on Sunday...easy as pie, no?

Tonight's meal (which I'm leaving for in scant moments) is cool too because all the players need to wear slacks and a collared shirt. Coach Z is big on how ISU is represented, and folks should really know he is big on that.

OK...I'm getting hungry, and I smell me some pasta. Any questions, just hit the ol' comment button....

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