Friday, September 26, 2008

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

Heading out to Boise (load the busses at 8:30, wheels moving at 9 am), and from there, a quick flight back in time to Spokane, since we land earlier than when we leave. Sometime tonight I'll send out another post with some of the details of a road trip...I was thinking you folks might like to know a little about how a trip like this is structured. I would have done it now but this is our first commercial flight with the team, so I'm kind of curious to see how it goes myself.

Also, the team looks pretty sharp.....ties for everyone on this trip....just trying to represent. On quick link....after my guest column on Eye on Sports Media (I've linked permanently to their blog, as it is really pretty insightful, Will Hoenike at IdahoSportsZone had a guest column as well, talking about how we at ISU are way ahead of the curve. What's funny is I credentialed Boise Bengal YEARS ago when he was taking photos and doing stuff for a very, very, very old incarnation of the Bengal Den....back even before it was on rivals for a little bit. Also, Tacoma picked up Dan Thompson's story on the wide-spead coaching tree for the Eastern game, and I believe Dan's piece that will be in GameDay is longer, but here is what was in today's Tacoma paper, which is John Zamberlin's hometown paper. Mitch Worthington's must read blog also has his thoughts on wrestling overtaking Holt and displacing the basketball team, and he makes some pretty solid points. OK...see you in Cheney/Spokane ... behave yourselves...

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