Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Delayed again....story of a basketball team's life on the road....

Well, sitting here in Boise after a healthy grilled chicken caesar salad (you know you have been in too many airports when you know what the restaurants are by hears), and I'm on the free wireless.
In you hear that Salt Lake City International Airport? FREE WIRELESS....although get Kansas City, if you wanted to plug your laptop in to like, you know, charge it had to pay money to get power to the outlets. Seriously. How 1965 communist Russia is that? I'm not holding out for SLC to get free internet any time soon, since you have to pay money just to enter a bar and grill....sheesh.

Anyway, a few quick links before the flight (delayed again....of course). The Big Sky held their mid-season men's basketball conference call, and surprise, surprise...Portland State is still considered the team to beat.

Now, as soon as I can get my blog to post pictures again (I need to sit and figure out what I screwed up...) so you have to click here ... I'll have way more on this in like 10 days or so, but that's the new Holt Arena sign being constructed on Memorial...should be pretty sweet when it's all done with.

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