Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Power of the Web? Running Men Unite

So Kenyon Blue sent me the about video and put it on my facebook page, and I thought it was cool. Kinda reminded me of old times. Then I watched the clip at the 2:40 mark and saw the following: Wide receiver Eddie Thompson in shotgun at quarterback, quarterback Kyle Blum in the slot go in motion, Thompson get the snap and fake an inside handoff to Kenyon Blue, Blue go up the sideline, Thompson flip the ball to Bum, and Blum hit Blue for a long touchdown. I saw that live. I watched it on film, but then I noticed Isaiah Burel at teh bottom of the screen. Isaiah on the play does not run a route but does a BACKWARDS RUNNING MAN for a few yards, totally confusing the corner on the play. This is the funniest thing I've ever seen on a football field. Kenyon had about 150 views as of this morning. Let's see what happens after the world catches it on Jimmy Traina's page. Jimmy writes the popular si.com college blog Hot Clicks for www.sioncampus.com, and Blue's video is the featured video of the day. Yes, I'm over geeked!


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Anonymous said...

Gotta love Kenyon Blue! Too bad it wasn't until the last game that he was fully utilized.